Libre Office lost it's kde integration after 20171022 snapshot?

Well, I must say libre office looks very “funky” after the 20171022 snapshot.

What’s happened to the kde integration, abandoned perhaps :frowning:

Hmm… OK, just looked at the change log…

Wed 11 Oct 2017 13:00:00 BST
tchvatal @

  • Disable kde4 integration on Tumbleweed as libqt4 is build with
    openssl-1.0 while we need openssl-1.1

OMZ Paul, you’re so right. Ewww…

Fingers crossed that this gets fixed soon.

Indeed, thought I’d time travelled and it was running under Windows 95 :wink:

Related bug, but not to the look and feel,

Ta for interesting link Paul.

Wonder if my fingers will be blue with compressive circulation loss from constant crossing, by time of [hoped-for] solution?

Am continuing to not enjoy this recent loss of LO aesthetics. Tested in KDE Neon & KaOS VMs [both also P5.11.2], & found they suffer the same problem now as well. I really hope the upstream KDE Devs correct this asap.

The KDE developers are not involved here.

That’s something for the upstream LibreOffice developers to “fix”, i.e. they need to port the KDE integration to Qt5/KF5.

The main reason why libreoffice-kde4 has been dropped in openSUSE is the switch to openSSL 1.1 btw.
Qt4 (and kdelibs4) do not support it and fail to build, so they explicitly get built with 1.0. But that causes conflicts for LibreOffice, because other things use 1.1.

I do have patches ready to “port” Qt4 and kdelibs4 to openSSL 1.1 (which would allow to re-enable libreoffice-kde4), but there are some problems to solve still.

Another option may be to build libreoffice-kde4 separate of LibreOffice itself, I don’t know whether that’s possible though.

Thanks for the clarification Wolfi. My mistake in assuming it was KDE’s “fault” was my discovery as stated that two other P5-based distros i tested also have now lost the much nicer aesthetics in LO that i used to enjoy. I’m not sure why it did not occur to me to “blame” the other common element, ie, LO itself - ha.

Your other info gives me mild hope; i shall watch with bated breath…

Btw, an immediate “workaround” would probably be to download and install the upstream LibreOffice packages from
AFAICS, they still offer the KDE integration as well.

Haven’t tested if they work on current Tumbleweed, but I think they should.

AFAIK you’d have to update them manually though if you want to stay current.

Hmmm, interesting… To ask you a completely unfair question, would you guess that if i remain with my current repos version i’d “only” have to wait days or weeks for a solution, or more like months+ ? If the latter, then i more or less “have” to try your suggestion [in my “real” TW]. If the former, i’d be comfortable with tolerating the newly poor aesthetics for now, knowing that it’ll all be good again “soon”.

In parallel with that unfair question, i have now downloaded the tarball from the LO site, & will install it into one of my TW test VMs [which is currently [i]dup’ing from 20171022 P5.11.0 [ie, with already “broken” LO] to 20171028/29(?) P5.11.2. I’ll be keen to see if:

  1. it “plays nice” with the existing repos version by installing separately into /opt
  2. it is “pretty” again.

I cannot really give you an estimate, sorry.
But it will rather be weeks (or months) than days I’m afraid.

it “plays nice” with the existing repos version by installing separately into /opt

It does. You can even install 5.3 and 5.4 in parallel I think.

it is “pretty” again.

If you install libreoffice-kde too (and provided that it works), it should be “pretty” again.
Though that is subjective of course, TBH it doesn’t look too bad in your screenshot either IMHO. :wink:
The difference is that it uses GTK3 now and the configured GTK3 theme (i.e. not KDE’s Oxygen, which is not available for GTK3) and other settings. This also means that it uses GTK3’s file dialogs instead of KDE’s, which would probably “annoy” me more personally…

Oops, i was off testing whilst you were writing. I now note your comments, thanks.

Looks like then i shall need to utilise your good workaround:


It’s not just the aesthetics though… I really don’t like the gtk file picker, and the native LO one is even worse :frowning:

If you trust them enough, use wkazubski’s repo:
It has precious little else but LibreOffice, and their version are up-to-date. (I had to de-select libusb from the vendor switch, which is very easy.)

I’m not sure what exactly you want to tell with that screenshot, but the upstream package is called libobasis5.4-kde-integration, not libreoffice-kde (which I wrote in my previous comment, sorry).

And as there is no repo, it will only show up in YaST after you installed it.

I wrote exactly that a line after what you quote…

That contains the same unmodified libreoffice packages, only with the KDE integration enabled also for Tumbleweed. So yes, this would be an option too.
(actually it should even be enough to only install libreoffice-kde4 from there, as the packages are the very same ones as in Tumbleweed)

The question is how long they will be able to offer it though. As soon as openSSL 1.1.0 is default in Tumbleweed, they will not be able to build it any more (unless they apply some fix/workaround).

Heehee, well now that i know the right package name [yes i did simply copy & paste your earlier post’s file name in my earlier pic], it does appear now in YaST2:

…so it can only have got there as a result of my installation [now also in my “real” TW, no longer only a VM] of the LO tarball version… which no doubt then explains why my tarball version of LO is respecting my Plasma settings “out of the box” without me needing to take any additional action.

Thank you for pointing out this workaround option.

So, that’s now KeePassXC & LO for which i’ve had to utilise non-repos solutions to get around recent TW hassles. More than one way to skin a cat, i suppose…


Not only has the LO tarball workaround given me back my preferred LO UI [both pretty [u]and functional, compared to the recent deterioration], it’s also given me an unexpected bonus gift. The repos’ LO, for the past few weeks or longer, has stopped respecting my locale language [English Australia], in that all spellcheck & autocorrect functions had stopped. The only way i’d been able to get those functions working again was to change my default template, & all existing docs [one by one as i needed to use them] from Eng Aust to Eng UK. Now with the tarball, Eng Aust is again fully functional.

Thanks Wolfi.

Ah! … So you did, sorry. :embarrassed:

At least I’m in agreement with you, even if I was unaware of the fact.

I’ll put the pointy hat on and go sit in the corner of the room.

001 I must read the whole paragraph.
002 I must read the whole paragraph.

099 I must read the whole paragraph.
100 I must read the whole paragraph.

FYI, the KDE(4) integration should be back in openSUSE with LibreOffice 6.0 (to be released at the end of January, but TW might get the RC already before that AFAIK).
We patched libqt4 and kdelibs4 to support OpenSSL 1.1.0 meanwhile, so that’s no problem anymore.

Actually, it would be possible to build libreoffice-kde4 again already, but the devel project already has, so it’s not possible to make changes to the current 5.3.x packages anymore.

LO6 will also come with proper Qt5 integration, but AFAIK that’s still experimental and probably won’t work too well in 6.0.

The current packages in LibreOffice:Factory will install libreoffice-kde4 by default for Plasma5 AFAICS, and I suppose that’s how it will be for now, until the Qt5 integration is finished/improved in later versions.