Libre Office first window

When I start LibreOffice I would prefer to have all the recent files visible instead I have a new Writer file.
Is there a way to change this behaviour?
Searching in Leap menu and in LibreOffice options don’t give useful results.

Starting LibreOffice in konsole with command line
~>** soffice**
give the window I’d prefer.


How do you start LibreOffice normally?

What do you mean with “Leap menu”?

And what desktop environment are you using?

Add the /usr/share/applications/startcenter.desktop menu item, or search for LibreOffice in the menu system.

If I start libreoffice (not librewriter), I get window with last dozen or so recent files displayed.

If I start librewriter, I get new blank file to write on.

I dont know what settings started libreoffice with recently opened files but I dont recall ever seeing anything other than recent files when opening libreoffice.

Are you opening up librewriter? Try opening libreoffice to see if you still get a new file.

tom kosvic

The standard entry in the openSUSE KDE Plasma menu (the “program starter” – the “Application Launcher”) *for the case of GNOME or anything else, no idea … *] for LibreOffice uses the command “libreoffice %U” …

This command will present you with a view of the recent files you’ve worked on with the various LibreOffice components.

  • You may have to forcibly reinstall the LibreOffice package to correct the command called by your User Interface – after doing that, you’ll have to logout and then log back in again to correct the program starter.

Using OpenSuse Leap menu in the lower left corner.


Reading all your answers I solved the problem.
To start LibreOffice I use mainly the icon in “favorites” that actually start LibreOffice Writer with a new document.
Instead using “libre Office” icon in “Office” group of menu when LibreOffice opens I get all recent files.
Thanks to all.

I think the basic difference is that libreoffice is a collection of different applications as writer, draw, calc… . libreoffice itself doesn’t do anything but start the applications.

  • librewriter* is the actual application and it has it’s own behaviour at start.

And now I see, you were faster…:slight_smile: