Libre box: Has anybody experience with openSuse TW or Leap 15.x?


I’m thinking about buying a box of these here:

They come with Debian or other flavors, but I would like to make it a TW/Leap machine.

Has anybody ever tried?

Many thanks in advance

Not me, but rest assured if Debian and Fedora, as is the case here, are reputed to be favorable OS choices, that any currently supported openSUSE release should work just as well.

Likewise, no experience. It’s an older generation CPU (2015?), to be honest the price seems a bit on the high side? It uses coreboot…

Coreboot and the crippled ME are the selling point of the box, so: Yes, it’s coreboot. :wink:

Any problems to be expected with opensuse and coreboot?

Have no idea :frowning: Why not ask the supplier direct?

From the coreboot description on the following Users page, coreboot should be a firmware replacement for the PROM on your motherboard. Although under the hood there are significant architectural changes to support versatility and easy upgrades, to the User and any software including Linux in general, it should work like and appear little different that the OEM BIOS or UEFI.

So, I wouldn’t anticipate any problems. Maybe there are YouTube videos or other articles on the Internet where you can see for yourself there shouldn’t be anything particular unique about using coreboot.


OK, I shot one of those boxes. Pro: really quick service. Contra: The fan is quite noisy, no idea how to fix this. No discount if you don’t want the wifi/bluetooth trash…

I tried both TW and 15.1 64 bit KDE netinstaller. Both work just fine, I stay with Leap to keep the read/write for the m2.ssd low…

I have a “funny” issue, though. I can’t shut down the box from GUI/CLI direct at the box. I tried

Shutdown from GUI

In the CLI (both inside KDE desktop and from other console, both KDE desktop logged in and logged out):

sudo shutdown -h now

sudo init 0

sudo sysctl poweroff

(all all these with su).

Always the box shuts down cleanly, stays off for 2-3 sec and then boots up again. Never saw this. Disabled the LVM service stopping clean shutdown as reported in another thread some days ago.

What actually works is:

SSH into the box, start vncserver, do your work. Kill vncserver via ssh and say

init 0

then it shuts down. And then wake-on-LAN works (which did not work before). Is this an ACPI issue? Any ideas?

Update: Very stable with Leap 15.1, no problems and after a new Coreboot version installed the fan is silent up to 35-40°C on CPU and starts with very low noise (20% of max speed) over about 40°.


Both su and sudo? Isn’t that a bit overdone? :wink: Or just a slip of the pen/keyboard?

I tried both, sudo OR su, that’s what I meant… :wink:

Ok, I understand. But do you realy expect the results to be different?

…while hunting voodoo errors my “expections” are zero for rational behaviour of the system I try to debug. Hunting down errors for decades this has always been the correct mind set… :wink: