libqt4-x11 x86_64 4.4.90 broke kdm

A while back I did the one click KDE 4.2 install on my OpenSuse 11.1 system. Yesterday the libqt4-x11 x86_64 4.4.90 recommended-update broke the kdmgreeter - it segfaulted. Startx still worked, but the application menu was drawing badly - seemed to merge with the underlying window content.

Downgrading to the repo-update version of libqt x86_64 4.4.3 fixed the problem.

A patch for this was pushed into KDE 4.3 (trunk build) and KDE 4.2 a week or two ago. You will have to wait until a new KDE 4.2 build is released before it will be fixed in Opensuse’s Repo’s.

how is 4.3 right now, I plan on doing a full reinstall (or building a new PC by mid summer, which would mean a reinstall anyways) and have already switched over to my laptop full time as of right now so that I can have a little fun on my desktop until I get my new one or just upgrade it a bit. Is 4.3 stable enough for use, and if so is there anything worth upgrading for. Looking at the 4.3 feature plan I’m not very wow’d yet, as I was with 4.2, which is why I updated to 4.2 so fast.