libkde4 in Factory is compiled wrong for 4.2.3

I keep getting

symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: _ZN7QTabBar9hideEventEP10QHideEvent

The version of the packages is 4.2.3-118.1. I do not get this message with 4.2.3-116.5

It’s compiled against the Qt package in the very same repository (now 4.5), just use “zypper dup” to get a consistent installation.

Good to hear that I´m notalone with that problem. Can you guys confirm that kde won´t start, too?
I´ll try zypper dup as fix and report back if it works.


kdm didn’t start for me, I used a different compilation of but then kdeinit4 didn’t. I read that the factory repository is changing to KDE 4.3 soon, and they recommend using Index of /repositories/KDE:/42/openSUSE_11.1

If you install that repo say under the name “KDE42” and do, zypper dup -f KDE42 you’ll reinstall all the KDE stuff from the 42 repo.

Thanks to Beineri - Reputation increased. :wink:
‘zypper dup’ definitely did the job and after re-installing the new NVIDIA-package everything worked fine.

Another question to be tossed in: How to update to 4.3 “soon”? Should be avoided due to incompatible KDE 4.2.3 apps?


You can do it now. Use the kde unstable repos. It’s just incomplete… and will probably crash… alot.

As a matter of fact 4.3 is pretty stable in terms of crashes. (atleast for me, i had lot of crashes in 4.2)
I have been using it for some time now and I find it much stable, faster and rich in feature compared to 4.2.x
check the discussion in thread
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