regular segfault regularly showing as segfault

“x” replaces other characters.

gnome-contacts-[xxxx]: segfault at 10 ip 0000xxxxxxxxxxxx sp 0000xxxxxxxxxxxx error 4 in[7f5eb1a0b000+101000]

anything NON-Technical self should or can try to fix this ?

First things a non-technical User might try…

Update your system, this ensures that if fixes and improvements are available, they’re installed.

zypper up

If you know exactly what packaged app the error is related to (I don’t use anything based on gnome-contacts so I wouldn’t personally know about your specific app), you can force re-install. In most cases, this won’t change any custom configurations but ensures that if any files are missing or damaged, they are replaced with new.

zypper in -f <packagename>