libfuse-dev and making use of source RPM's

I’m a long time windows developer and Linux “user”, just tearing into building stuff on Linux. At the moment I’m trying to build a tool that uses fuse to mount VirtualBox virtual disk images (.vdi’s). The code/project is detailed here:

HOWTO: Mount any VBox-compatible disk image on the host (View topic) •

The “problem” is that it has a dependency on libfuse-dev. Although fuse-2.7.4 installs fine from the normal repositories, I can find no libfuse-dev. I can only find the source RPM’s.

I have to admit I am at a loss on how to go from SRPM to actually adding the source to the system include paths etc. Seems SRPMS are only good for building… RPM’s. I’m guessing that’s an obvious conclusion to the contributors here, but I’m still stuck with trying to fulfill the dependencies to make this VDI tool.


  • John “S”

When you so a <something>-dev it’s more than likely debian related.
openSUSE uses <something>-devel as a file name, it can also just be the
main name or a lib file. For fuse, installing fuse-devel should give
you your *.h, *.so and *.pc files.

For rebuilding from a src rpm you can either install it and it will
place the files down in /usr/src/packages and you would then open a
terminal in the SPECS directory and run;

rpmbuild -ba <something>.spec

But a quicker way is;

rpmbuild --rebuild <something>.src.rpm

Another resource you can use is;
I recommend grabbing the rpm rather than using the 1-click, if you do
make sure you don’t enable too many repositories as it can create

Then there is also the openSUSE Build Service so you don’t need a build

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