- where can I find it?

I am running 11.2 with KDE 4.4.2 release 245. I am experiencing dependency problems for
Can anyone point me to the relevant repository?


It would make a lot more sense you are telling us what package you want to install (and where you got it from), I’m pretty sure this will shed more light on what’s going on here.

openSUSE 11.2 64bit

I need for wine-1.1.43-33.1.i586 from wine repository. Is symlink good solution ?
Thanks and Greetings

Wrong/broken repository?

zypper repos -d|grep Wine
1  | Emulators_Wine | Wine (openSUSE_11.2)    | Ja  | Ja   |   99| rpm-md |

Works for me™.

zypper install wine

Daten des Repositorys laden ...
Installierte Pakete lesen ...
Paketabhängigkeiten auflösen ...

Das folgende NEUE Paket wird installiert:

1 neues Paket zu installieren.
Gesamtgröße des Downloads: 12,1 MiB. Nach der Operation werden zusätzlich 76,0 MiB belegt.
Fortfahren? [j/n/?] (j): 
Paket wine-**1.1.43-6.1**.i586 wird abgerufen (1/1), 12,1 MiB (76,0 MiB entpackt)


An easy way to find out if that lib is available (in your current list of repos), is to run Yast2, go to Software Management, and select ALL the check boxes underneath the search box.

Now type in and search.

That should now give you a list of packages that contain that file.

If nothing is found then you might need to add a repository that contains that file (sorry, no idea which one it will be!), or do a google search for the lib name, that might shed some light on where to look for it.

There’s also the openSUSE package search site here -, although it’s not much use in finding individual files inside a package, you will have to try searching with simply crypt or something.

Question: Are you trying to run GoogleEarth ?

Or a more direct question:

Which old package for Fedora (maybe 8 or 9?) are you trying to install?

Sorry for bringing up this old topic, but i need that too.

Im trying to update Wine from 1.1.45 to 1.1.46 from emulators repository.

Hello it’s me again.
I dont understood why I can’t find ?
I try update wine from oficial wine repository for openSUSE 11.2 and write me that i don’t have !? How they compile wine? For openSUSE 11.2 there is not (or i cant find)
How can I install wine 1.2 rc4 ?

libcrypto is part of openssl

Index of /pub/opensuse/update/11.2/rpm/x86_64

And thats exactly the issue. The version that comes packed with openssl isnt 1.0.0, but an older one i suspect

If you go to and select factory, you will find it there. I don’t know what ill-effects there are of installing 1.0.0 with 0.9.8, but given that you are using pre-release, you look like the adventurous sort, and my guess is 11.3 will ship with 1.0.0.

openssl recently bumped the version from 0.9.8 to 1.0.0, though there are no API changes IIRC.