libcheese-gtk 19

Yast gives me this message when I try to install pattern Gnome 3: nothing provides libcheese-gtk 19 needed by pattern:GNOME 3-.noarch:

This library does not appear on the openSUSE build service either.

It would appear that the pattern is present in Yast but impossible to install.

Am I missing something?

on what version of opensuse are you trying to install (11.3, .4 etc…)

In 11.3, a search for libcheese in yast shows me that libcheese-gtk 1.8 (not 1.9) is installed…



There was an error in the ymp file, references to libcheese-gtk19 but was updated to libcheese-gtk20 when the shell changed to 3.0.1.

It is all fixed now (thanks to fcrozat on IRC), may take a little while as there is rebuilding going on at the moment :wink:

Hi. Thanks for responding. It’s 11.4 and if I understand correctly then what I need to do is wait a little while and try again.

Yes, it needs to sync with the mirrors…