lftp -c mirror --exclude-glob="**/00Archived/**" downloading unexpected directory

The command below is downloading a 00Archived directory despite the --exclude-glob="/00Archived/" option.

lftp -c mirror --only-newer --verbose=3 --include-glob="*.rpm" --exclude-glob="**/00Archived/**" --exclude-glob="**/archived/**" --exclude-glob="**/debuginfo/**" --exclude-glob="**/debugsource/**" --exclude-glob="**/SRPMS/**" --exclude-glob="*-debug-*" --exclude-glob="*-debuginfo-*" --exclude-glob="*-debugsource-*" --exclude-glob="*.src.rpm" http://rpm.netlabs.org/release "/run/media/root/DFS1JFS64/Vendors/Netlabs/Netlabsrepo"

Mirroring directory `00Archived'
Making directory `00Archived'
Mirroring directory `00Archived/i386'
Making directory `00Archived/i386'
Transferring file `00Archived/i386/ash-0.0.0-10.oc00.i386.rpm'

lftp checks final pathname component so this pattern cannot match. “–exclude-glob=00Archived/” should work.

P.S. I wonder why you stubbornly continue to put “**” everywhere even though it has absolutely no significance in glob pattern and just makes the whole command less comprehensible (pretending it does something that it actually does not).

Because I’m still learning lftp, the man page is rather sketchy and I may be confusing the semantics of lftp with those of rsync or wget.

wget is using normal globbing, so ‘’ has no significance either. The only program that interprets '’ (or ‘***’) specially is rsync and there it is also explicitly documented.

This seems to work

lftp -c mirror --only-newer --verbose=3 --include-glob="*.rpm" --exclude-glob=00Archived/ --exclude-glob=archived/ --exclude-glob=debuginfo/ --exclude-glob=debugsource/ --exclude-glob=SRPMS/ --exclude-glob="*-debug-*" --exclude-glob="*-debuginfo-*" --exclude-glob="*-debugsource-*" --exclude-glob="*.src.rpm" http://repos.arcanoae.com/release "/run/media/root/DFS1JFS64/Vendors/ArcaNoae/repos/ArcaOS"/

Is the correct equivalent for wget

wget --mirror --cut-dirs=0 -e robots=off --no-host-directories --no-parent --recursive --accept rpm -X 00Archived/ -X archived/ -X debuginfo -X debugsource --reject "*-debug*" -X SRPMS/ --reject src.rpm --directory-prefix="/run/media/root/DFS1JFS64/Vendors/ArcaNoae/repos/ArcaOS" -N http://repos.arcanoae.com/release/