Lexmark Drivers x2580 opensuse

Hi I hope this is the correct place to ask this question as a newbee

Just changed to OpenSuse 12.2 from Windows
Amd 64

My problem is I have a Lexmark all in one printer ( x2580 usb )
Having contacted Lexmark they tell me there are no Linux drivers for this printer ! >:(
I hopped someone has a walk around for this issue but looking on this site looks like no chance.:’(
I don’t want to throw it out just yet,
Thought this was worth a shot first,

I wondered if there is a way to run an emulator or virtual operating system to run the windows or Macintosh drivers and then link it through to the Linux ? printer command

To put it mildly I have absolutely no idea how to do this if it is indeed possible so I would appreciate an idiots guide,

In anticipation Thanks for your time Dave