Less updates


I bought openSUSE 11.0 a month ago. I’m very happy with it and I really like it.

But there’s one thing to say:

I think there a way too many SUSE-Updates coming. SUSE 11.1 is planned for December and I think that is too early. I think one release a year is absolutely enough. I’m sure more people would buy SUSE if they could stay up-to-date longer with their SUSE. I’d accept a higher price for SUSE if there would be less new versions. I also think that 11.1 will not have important changes…

Please, forgive me my poor English, I hope you get me.

openSUSE’s release cycle ranges from about 6-8 months (possibly up to 10) depending of the circumstances around the release. Each one is supported with updates for two years. If you don’t want to reinstall your operating system with each release you don’t have to, you can usually get the latest software packages for any openSUSE release that’s still supported.

If you need longer term support you should probably consider SLED.

Edit: If you don’t mind me saying so, your English is fine

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I’m still using 10.3. I’m going to stick with it until they stop making updates for it. After using it ever since it was released, I’m just used to it now. I tried the 11.0 live CD, and it looks great, but I’m not ready for it yet.

Which LiveCD? The KDE 4 LiveCD is a bit of a change. The Gnome one should not be.

The package management improvements alone should be reason to upgrade from 10.3 to 11.0 however.

I used the KDE 4 11.0 live CD. I like KDE 3.5 better. That’s not to say that KDE 4 isn’t good, it’s just that I’m used to KDE 3.5. If I could figure out how to keep KDE 3.5 and use SuSE 11.0, I would upgrade.

Then openSUSE 11 DVD will install KDE 3.5.9.

However, what I’ve been doing is installing KDE 4 to get all the KDE 4 apps, and then installing the KDE 3 session on top of that.

I like the KDE 3 desktop, but I like some of the newer KDE 4 apps like Okular.