Lenovo Z70-80: some kernel warnings and graphic card issue

Hi all,
I’ve a new laptop: Lenovo Z70-80.
This laptop have two graphic cards: Intel HD Graphics 5500 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M.
I’ve these problems:

  1. What video drivers should I install ? Since this laptop have 2 video cards, i’m a bit confused. I tried to install the nvidia drivers but then Xorg refuse to start (tty0 unknown file or directory). Also Steam refuse to start because it says that GLX is not supproted. Can anybody help me with this ?
  2. Everytime I boot i get two warning from the kernel: dmar: failed to find handle for acpi object SB.I_PCIO.SDMA and dmar: failed to find handle for acpi object SB.I_PCIO.SDHC… What should I do ? Should I try to upgrade the kernel ? I’m running 3.16.7-7-desktop kernel.
  3. This laptop use an UEFI Bios. To enter UEFI I’ve to push a physical button while I psuh the power button. This if ok, but I wonder if there is a way to create a GRUB entry to boot in UEFI Bios.

Thanks for the help !!

Hi, just an update, I’ve solved points 1 and 2 !

  1. Solution: thanks to #opensuse guys I’ve installed bumblebee, and I’ve reconfigured my xorg using “x -config”. Now my Intel HD is recognized and used by default, and when I need to run some games I use “optirun game_name” to run the game using the nvidia 840 card!
  2. Solution: googling a lot, I’ve found that this issue is not critical. Probably it will gone way upgrading the kernel to 3.18… I’ll wait for the next kernel package release from opensuse repos :slight_smile:

As point 3), I’m not even sure that this can be done. Well, considering that I always can enter UEFI bios by pushing a physical button, that’s not a problem at all… but if anybody know if this is possible, please let me know