Lenovo yoga s740 fans turning on for half a secound then off

Hi, i have recently bought a new computer, so I gripped Opensuse tumbleweed (kernel 5.3.9) and installed it.

Everything worked out of the box, well almost. the fan keeps spinning up for a brief period before shutting off, this doesn’t happen in windows.

As far as I can tell the starts ramping up when the CPU get above 40 degrees Celcius and the cuts the fans off when below. Is there any way I can smooth this out to get a more normalized and not so aggressive fan curve (like the behavior in windows?)


I don’t really have much to say on your problem. It’s not my area of expertise. But nobody else has replied yet, so I’ll add a comment and maybe that helps keep this thread near the top of the screen.

Shutting down does cause some cpu activity, and I suppose that might heat the processor. When Windows (W8 and W10) shuts down, it mostly hibernates which takes less activity. You could perhaps try hibernating instead of shutting down, though personally I don’t like hibernation.

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Could be an acpi issue, can you fire up YaST bootloader and in the kernel command line options add;

acpi_osi=\"!Windows 2012\"

Ref: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt