Lenovo X1-Yoga quirks

I have a Lenovo X1-Yoga setup for with dual boot, Win10 and openSUSE Leap 42.1 (mostly using the Linux side). I’m experiencing the following minor irritations:

(1) As widely reported on the web for this machine, and right out of the box, the fan makes a noise (fancifully stated, like a sick sheep coughing) as it rotates slowly even when the machine is doing the next best thing to nothing. Seeing mention of this in various forums, and the possibility there is a Lenovo BIOS upgrade (a windows executable) I did the thing (under Win10), but this made no apparent difference. I’d happily order a (better) fan, but an hour or so of web reading has flipped up nothing more than a single supplier, who is sold-out. I can live with it as is, but here you are in a nice quiet office and you’re listening to this gasping fan.

(2) Since doing an online update (of openSUSE) this weekend, or possibly as a result of having installed further Linux software including Skype and pavucontrol, the Lenovo (running openSUSE, with XFCE) has developed an irksome habit in that each time one unmounts or ejects an SD card (Anka reader) or USB drive, it decides to pop into a sleep or suspend mode… necessitating annoyed floundering with the escape key and sword practice swiping about with the mouse, and the supply of a password when the machine decides to come back.

(3) Occasionally, for no apparent reason, the Lenovo Bluetooth mouse either stops moving for a fraction of a second or so, or goes completely AWOL for tens of seconds. (Maybe this happens under Win10 as well, but I’m not sure as I rarely run the machine using Win10).

Thanks for any suggestions.