Lenovo W530 and opensuse 13.2 - freezing on movement

I have been trying to isolate this, 13.1 seemed to be just fine i could walk around with my laptop open and never crash. Something in 13.2 / kernel changes now make it so if i slightly bump to pick up and walk to a conference room it freezes my mouse and xorg is unresponsive, resulting me to do a cold reboot.

Opensuse 13.2 / I think its using the discrete mode. I can verify if we think its the GPU. I do have nvidia driver running to support my dual monitor when at the desk, which sucks because i would have loved to use the integrated intel. Hate the way they make these hybrid gpus.
I haven’t installed anything special just software i need to do my job.

Anyone have any advice on this? Is it something to do with laptop internals that protect the disk? Bios settings?

If you laptop is freezing and crashing when physically moving it - this is not a software issue but a hardware issue. Something is loose in the laptop.
In response to the Nvidia driver. If you are using the Optimus card make sure that that you have installed the Nvidia driver using Bumblebee.

Add this repository to Yast. Bumblebee

If you have installed the regular Nvidia driver make sure that you uninstall the Nvidia driver before installing Bumblebee.