Lenovo W520: OpenSuse 12.2 (gnome) crashes after resume and frequent wireless drops

I’m new to OpenSuse after the last 4 years on Ubuntu or Mint. So far so good but I have two major problems that are going to make this a showstopper.

Gnome crashes after resuming from a suspend. Usually not immediately but at some point, it does via a keyboard strike, screen brightness change, volume change, etc. I’m running on the dedicated Nvidia card with the (304.43 driver) as I frequently run HDMI out for movies, etc on our larger tv screen.

The closest bug I’ve found is this one: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=768584 however, this seems to be a 64 bit issue and the final 12.2 release never cleared up the issue for me. I don’t know how to troubleshoot and don’t have a lot of time to respond quickly but if anyone has any more info I’d really love to fix this!

My other issue is on my wireless where the connection drops frequently and the quickest remedy is to switch off/on the wireless card using the physical switch. This is however, a very annoying bug but not nearly as sever as the one listed above.

Any help on these?



Is there any advice out there? Long term these bugs are going to be show stoppers for me so I could really use the help! Thanks!