Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8 OpenSuse Leap 15.2


Am installed Opensuse Leap 15.2 on my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8. How can i get up and running LTE module and fingerprint reader? All on Intel. Desktop Kde Plasma and NetworkManager.


I don’t have this hardware. A search on Google indicated the Fingerprint reader can be made to work. I noticed on an Arch Linux wiki, one needs the fwupd driver. I assume one should be able to use that information to get this working on openSUSE. I note that fwupd is available for openSUSE. Have you installed the openSUSE fwupd? After installing have you tried to configure it?

Someone else will need to help you wrt the LTE module. I note there is a free open Source LTE software suite in experimental and community packages - but in truth I have no idea if there are superior official packages, nor if the packages in the experimental and community are appropriate for your Lenovo , or even applicable to your Lenovo. Someone else will need to chime in here to help.

This is wrong - a bad post by me and I apologize.

I meant to type fprintd and somehow I got my wires crossed :frowning: Consider installing and configuring libfprint and fprintd:

I note fprintd official packaged version for LEAP-15.2 is : v 0.8.0 . I don’t see a newer version packaged for openSUSE LEAP-15.2. This is possibly unfortunate, as I note in github ( https://github.com/freedesktop/libfprint-fprintd/releases ) the most current version is v.1.94.0 packaged 20-August-2021. I downloaded the ZIP file for v.1.94, and took a look inside the “NEWS” text file in that zip collection. It lists the many changes between version-0.8.0 and version-1.94.0 . I suspect one or more of those changes may be necessary < uncertain > .

I also note libfprint official packaged version for LEAP-15.2 is : v.0.6.0. However v.1.92.1 can be found in the LEAP-15.2 experimental/community repositories. https://software.opensuse.org/package/libfprint
According to github for libfprint ( https://github.com/freedesktop/libfprint/releases ) the most current version is 1.94.1 (released 24-Sep-2021) - but that is not packaged for LEAP-15.2. There are many updates between v.0.6.0 (released 3-Feb-2015) and v 1.92.1(released 30-June-2021) in the experimental/community repositories, so you may wish to try that and see how well it works.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if libfprint v.1.92.1 will work with fprintd v.0.8.0. Nor do I know one needs both of those packages. I speculate that the version numbers of libfprint and fprintd should be reasonably close to each other - but that is PURE speculation and could be wrong.

This is something I may try to learn some time with my X1 Carbon Gen-9, after it is delivered and I have some weeks to play with it.

Again - my apologies for a bad initial recommendation, in getting the package names confused.