Lenovo ThinkPad T520 experience?

Has anyone experience with the T520 and OpenSUSE?
I would like to buy this notebook and I’ve heard that the common ThinkPad hardware works really great with Linux, but the T520 has the nVidia Optimus thing built in and I’ve seen some users struggling with Optimus and Linux. Well I know that you can at least deactivate the nVida card on the ThinkPad via BIOS, but having the nVidia card with greater performance running would be nice.
Does anyone know how well OpenSUSE can deal with fingerprint readers, especially with KDE4, in the wiki theres not very much said about it.

I’m running OpenSUSE on a T520 at this moment. Its really a pleasure :slight_smile:
I had to setup the graphics to discrete to make it work, but from there on the biggest problem is OpenSUSE 12.1
The machine is like with most Lenovo - quality, and everything works out of the box, camera, network, sound - everything.
I would say go for it - unless you want to be able to play 3d games, then stay away