Lenovo Ideapad S10e Webcam Driver and Suspend on Low Battery

Hello community,

are there any news on a driver for the S10e’s integrated Webcam? I know that the drivers are with the new Ubuntu 9.10 (already tried it and the webcam is working), so is there any way to get the cam running with OpenSuse 11.2 ?

Also there seems to be something wrong with the power management. Somehow the laptop is not suspending on critically low battery. It just powers off when there are about 8 Minutes left. Also the display looks not very accurate to me. Sometimes I’ve 5h 30min fully charged, and sometimes 6h 30min.

Any hint where I can look into this?

Best regards

HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

thx dwarfer, the webcam is now working.

Any ideas regarding the battery issue? You need any further information from my site?

Is there some config file where I can edit the time, when the notebook suspends on low battery. Maybe when there are only 10 minutes left to go?

Are you using KDE, by any chance? If so, you can configure Power Management in the Advanced tab of System Settings. You can edit any, or all, of the profiles there.

No sorry, I’m on gnome. Any suggestions?

Sorry, KDE here as well.