Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook

Hi All,
is there a chance to install OpenSuse on the above mentioned Chromebook? It is a ARM Device.
I couldn’t find any information for this…


@jke61 it’s a 32bit OS… I’ve asked in the IRC arm channel for you to see whether its supported.

Hi malcolmlewis, Thank you very much.
Maybe you can explain, what you mean with “it’s a 32bit OS”. I thought OpenSuse ARM is 64 always and the processors should be 64 bit…
If you mean the original ChromeOS: i wanted to get rid of it… :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes ChromeOS is 32bit, but one wonders about the booting, anyway, no response on the channel yet, holiday time…

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ChromeOS is only 32 bit? Really? I’d never have thought it would be given it is a modern era OS.

Well, you learn something new every day.

The Duet 5 has an aarch64 processor and a 64bit kernel. Only the userland is in 32bit. The reasons for that is, that a 32bit userland needs less hardware ressources. If you consider that a duet 5 has only 4 GB of ram (and 128 GB SSD?) this makes absolut sense. So Google tried to get the best performance and user experience out of this low hardware specs…
Technically it should be possible to install a 64bit OS on this device. But if the performance is that good is an other question…

There are other Chromebooks available which are completely 64bit, but not the Duet 5.

ChromeOS is available in32bit and 64bit. The hardware decides which is used by the manufacturers of the chromebook.

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Oh, ok. That makes a LOT more sense. I’ve never delved that deeply into ChromeOS thin clients (i.e. Chromebooks).