Lenovo E540 Won't wake from sleep

Just got a brand new Lenovo E540, quad core i7 16gb ram, and Intel HD graphics. When I close the lid, it sleeps. However the trick is it will not wake. I’ve tried the power button, spacebar, enter and mouse. Only way to get the computer back up is to push and hold the power button to power off fully or remove and replace the battery. I’ve read some posts about this sort of thing maybe being tied to the graphics driver and nvidia was specifically mentioned. However I have Intel graphics and I thought their drivers were open sourced and baked into linux without any extra to do. I’m fine with changing graphics drivers to make it work, but I have no idea where to start… I’m a bit of a Linux Noob. I’m running 13.1 x64 (Also of note, When the lid is closed and the laptop sleeps the CPU fan seems to continue to run blowing warm air.)