Legacy Bios with GPT - bootable flag

I have an HP Elitebook and they unfortunately have poor GPT support. They will not boot any GPT formatted disk unless the bootable flag is set to a non-zero value. I have found that running

% parted /dev/<device> disk_set pmbr_boot on

I have to do this after I first install the OS and any time I update the boot settings using YAST->Boot Loader. The ladder resets the setting bootable flag back to 0x00 making it un-bootable again.

My question is this: Is it possible to update the Boot Loader tool to either give ability for user to control the bootable setting in the Boot Loader configuration screens so its not overridden every time the tool is run.

I am pretty sure that the HP EliteBooks are not the only Bios based computers that have this issue; an issue which would detract many n00b’s from using OpenSuse.

I think that this issue does warrant some documentation as a minimum and I don’t mind contributing.

I seem to recall seeing a bug report about the pmbr_boot flag. However, I think it was the other way around. Some systems won’t boot unless it is turned off. But those were probably UEFI systems.

Then you should start with opening bug report on bugzilla.opensuse.org (use the same user name/password as here on forums).