Hi all!

I just removed Ktorrent using Yast on my openSUSE 13.2 KDE, everything went fine, except for one thing: it is still somehow present when I try, for instance, to add a startup application by going to Configure Desktop>>Startup and Shutdown and choosing an app from there - it allows me to choose Ktorrent. Ktorrent is also present when I try to create a link to an application. Can someone have a better explanation as to why this happens? Shouldn’t be Ktorrent completely removed from the system?


If you uninstalled it, it should be completely removed from the system, yes. (except for the user data in your /home directory, i.e. config and downloaded torrents)

Is it still installed or not?

rpm -q ktorrent

KDE has a cache of all installed applications (the .desktop files, i.e. menu entries, in particular) to speed up things.
If you install/uninstall an application, this might not be noticed immediately.
Run “kbuildsycoca4” (as user) to refresh the cache, or logout and login again.
Does it disappear then?

I had to uninstall it again, for some reason it was not entirely removed from the system. >:)