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I would like to ask something, which may be simple, but I can’t find it.

In openSuse 10.3 when somebody wanted to restart the computer there were a number of options from which you could choose also another operating system such as windows.

In openSuse 11.1 there is no such an option…Although it seems worthless, it’s for me quite useful, since I don’t have to wait all this time till I finally select for instance Windows from the Boot Loader.

How I could enable it?

  • simeon,

are you using Gnome or KDE? Because on KDE4 it is available. Clicking the Logout button somewhere brings up a panel With “Log Out”, “Turn Off Computer” and “Restart Computer”. The latter ones got drag-down arrows with options. Just click and hold down the mouse button to choose.


thanks buckesfeld for your reply…Yes…I know it’s stupid what I asked but I was trying to find it :shame:. I had already seen this arrow on “Restart” but I didn’t know that I had to hold the mouse key. I just clicked it but the result was restarting my computer…It’s the first time I see in practical applications this feature in drop down lists although I knew it but I had forgotten it since I thought it was useless and impractical…I was wrong…it’s really useful and interesting, but a such a trouble if you don’t know it.

Thanks again and sorry for the disturbance for such a trivial thing :slight_smile:

  • simeon,

actually this is a help forum, so you didn’t disturb anyone :slight_smile: