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as of a few days ago when I reply to a thread - when I click on submit I get a popup from Firefox asking if I want to Leave page / Stay on Page.
If I click on Stay on Page the popup box disappears and I click submit again and the post goes through as normal.

Anybody else seen this? Is it my browser doing it or the forum?

I am never seeing that with firefox. I do see something similar with konqueror on some sites, but I don’t recall whether it happens for konqueror on opensuse forums. Maybe I’ll use konqueror tomorrow to test that.

It could be that I this is being done with javascript, and possibly blocked on firefox by “noscript”.

When I see that popup on konqueror, if I know I have saved everything, then I hit “Leave page”.

Hmm, another thought:

Where I mainly see this for konqueror is on patheos blogs after posting a comment. It is probably from disqus.

I recall, at one time, that I would see it on wordpress blogs if I had typed but not posted a comment. Then it stopped happening on wordpress.

To me, that suggest that it is a javascript function. Possibly it depends on javascript browser settings. I looks to me as if wordpress was getting it right but patheos/disqus were getting it wrong. And it seems to me that wordpress decided that this was too annoying, so they stopped it.

farcusnz wrote:
> as of a few days ago when I reply to a thread - when I click on -submit-
> I get a popup from Firefox asking if I want to -Leave page / Stay on
> Page-.
> If I click on -Stay on Page- the popup box disappears and I click
> -submit- again and the post goes through as normal.
> Anybody else seen this? Is it my browser doing it or the forum?
When submitting a webpage/web form ,if you reload/refresh or press back
on the page the browser gives you this message

GNOME 3.6.2
openSUSE Release 12.3 (Dartmouth) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 3.7.10-1.16-desktop

I experience the same. But already for a longer time then “a few days ago”. And also not allways, but sometimes. Indeed click “Stay on page” and then “Submit” again is the best thing to do. IIRC clicking “Leave page” will result in loosing what you typed.

In fact a did not have it now for at least a week. May be the phenomenon switched from me to you :wink:

I’ve experienced the same as you’ve described Henk (but only occasionally). If I’m typing a lengthy or complex reply, then I typically will ‘Select All’ (CTRL-A with KDE), so that if I get an unresponsive situation, I can paste to a text file for re-posting later.

I am not realy loosing my text. When I it happens (as you say, occasionally), I click “stay on page” and then click the submit again. Which then always works. So it is only two clicks more then normaly, but it is still something strange.

And if I remember correctly, in the first few cases that it happened to me, I did click the “Leave” option and then lost my text, but restarting a new post then made me able to restore from the post editors “auto save” function.

hmmmmm . . . . even weirder, just now I typed a lengthy reply (approx 200 words) and hit enter and the next screen gave me an empty text box and an advisory that my reply was too short and I needed to enter ten(?) or more characters. :\

  1. I just got the one yyou reported in your first post here :frowning:
  2. That is also something I have seen every now and then. And, like in your case, it was always nonsense as I had specialy seen that the post was long enough. Worse is here that you loose your text >:)

FYI getting a message that your text isn’t long enough is usually
because of folks mistakenly typing their text inside quote or code
tags. FWIW.

Kim - 9/11/2013 11:58:03 AM

I know that when I cite a post and add only a few characters, then only the characters I added are counted. But this is definitely not the case in the incidents I had.

certainly not the cause in the instance I described.

the frequency of this issue has increased dramatically for me.
I am getting the leave page / stay on page notification for every first post I make after logging in.
Very annoying.

I must say I concur with your experience of the frequency. (FWIW, my browser is FF version 23.0)

Oh man!!! I am super pi**ed right now.
Well thought out reply to a post that took me some time to compose.
Hit submit and get the “your post is too short” screen and my reply has disappeared into nothingness!!!

This is happening all too often for my liking.

Needless to say - I am not putting that effort back into the same thread. I’ll leave it to someone else to reply.


You probably (by accident) put all of your reply inside the quote tags. So what you typed was not counted as part of the post.

I’ve had that happen, though not normally a big deal.

I have had that “reply has disappeared into nothingness” problem from time to time, too. I wish they would fix it. At other forums, if that happens I can usually use the browser back button to find what I typed. But here, it seems to be gone for good.

Sorry to read of your problem.

I’m not getting this behaviour at all with Firefox and the openSUSE forum.

I confess thou, not just with openSUSE but with ALL vBulletin forums in which I participate, that if I am going to put more than just a ‘few minutes’ effort into a post, I first type it up in Office Libre (or an editor), and then paste it into the forum post box. If I end up editing it a lot, then I copy it back to the the office-document/editor-copy.

Years of losing data on multiple forums has made me cynical.

Even if I forget to use Office Libre (or an editor) , BEFORE pressing the ‘Submit Reply’ or ‘Preview Post’ button, while I have my cursor in the submission box I do a quick <ctrl-A>, followed by <ctrl-c> . Only then do I press ‘Submit Reply’ or ‘Preview Post’ button . Its a good habit to get into, not just for our forum, but for ALL forums. I do this automatically now, without even thinking …

I know those maintaining the various forums do their very best - but often posts are simply lost, whether due to initial posting hiccups, or file server corruption, or what ever.

No, this was suggested in an earlier post but is certainly not the case here.
It has happened to me about three or four times in the past two weeks. Thankfully those posts were short.
I guess I have learnt my lesson now and will copy everything before hitting submit.

edit: happened again just now with this post. :open_mouth:

Here is what I got just now

Despite having edited the quote (removed most of it) after hitting submit the entire quote is back and the text I typed (outside of the quote tags) has disappeared.


Good screen print.

Its clear now the problem.

The software looks at the quote ] and looks at the / quote ] and assumes you have added nothing to nrickert’s post that you have quoted. The software can not tell you have edited the quote. You need to type outside of the quote.

Based on the screen print, it does appear that is what has happened. I’ve also had it happen to me.