learning xhtml

hello can someone please tell me which program i can use to learn to write xhtml in ?

You can write xhtml in any text-editor actually…

Just make sure you save your file as a .html

Here’s a link to a xhtml tutorial: XHTML Tutorial

Some editors are easier as they highlight the code.

I learned using Quanta+, it’s in the standard packages. Wrote a web site with it. Quanta plus doesn’t have widgets and so on, but it’s got highlight for the coding and has css and all sorts of html buttons. It’s a css editor too. I also write programs in it because it can do anything, even fly.

What you type is what you get. That’s the very best form of learning so I recommend it.

What Swerdna just described sounds a lot like Topstyle pro a (not free) window program. So I’d try that one out.

And I’ll second Blackdesign’s link… w3schools is awesome for learning pretty much anything web related…

Now for a useful addition of my own… start out simple, don’t go for something like eclipse + aptana studio… even though it’s an excellent xhtml editor it offers way more features then just that, and it might be quite confusing.