Learning to Administer Suse Any Help would be welcome.

Can some one tell me the best place to learn basic Administration of Suse. I am a Windows server system administrator and have worked with OS’s like DOS on up. I want to know how to access Suse with root privileges. Control panels, DHCP server, DNS server, Account/Users access controls, and Novell GroupWise 7 administration on the Suse server. Any ideas?

You can start by reading the SUSE Documentation. It is also available in PDF format at en.opensuse.org/Documentation.

i take you want to set up a server and administer it from your windows machine

download and install putty and set up ssh on the server

/etc/init.d/sshd start

will do the trick

and use putty to go there…

as prompted give root as username and the password you have set up as password… there you go…

almost everything you would like to administer can be found in yast. so fire up yast


browse through the modules with <alt> <some key> combinations and the arrow keys…

you will find DHCP DNS and so on under Networking Services…

don’t fear… you will get there

abbatiea wrote:
> Can some one tell me the best place to learn basic Administration of
> Suse.

the books you need to read first is something like four or five pounds
each…or, a billion bits:

the basics applicable to all flavors of Linux are hit on in these two,
and others (google: Linux System Administrators Guide for 433k hits):

i suppose you have Novell license…so, you should look for documention
on the Novell site (i GUESS they have some, maybe not–but, they DO have
support you can buy) but even if not there is another billion of bits of
documentation free at:


welcome–when you begin to understand you will like it…until then you
will probably hate it…

well, let me start you off this way: the first computer i ever used was
in the basement of a BIG building…i used a terminal on the third floor
to interact with some software…but, before i could do that i had to
message the ADMINs in the basement to mount a “disk pack” bigger than a
lady’s hat box into a thing about the size of a washing machine…at
the SAME time there were maybe another 500 people inside the same
building also using terminals to use the SAME computer…made by IBM
and called a main frame, or big iron…THAT is the foundation for
Linux…you have USERS and ADMINISTRATORS…the user can only mess up
his own stuff, and the ADMIN has all the keys to all the locks to the

about million years later IBM decided to make some Personal Computers
and a kid named Bill became a billionaire selling software that had the
user administrate his own computer with no password required…he, or
anyone else could walk up and erase the entire “disk pack” and say ooops!

i say all that because you wanna know how to access SuSE with root
privileges…well, root = administrator and sometimes it is best to
know a little before you start…but, the basic are:

NEVER sign into a launch an X-window session as root…just don’t do it…

instead, from a user account, open a terminal, type

su -

press enter, then provide the root password when prompted (you will not
see the password on the display) then hit enter…

BUT, do you know what you wanna do there??

when finished with the session, type exit and enter…which will return
you to your user account…

good luck,

For SuSE specific documentation, go to the Novell site. For the 11.0 release (there is a link on the Desktop of the KDE4 version) the docm is online html or downloadable pdf.

openSUSE includes a lot of optional server software, so some of these capabilities are touched on, e.g., how to set up a simple ftp or web server. But emphasis on “simply”; this docm will not provide in-depth learning on Apache or connecting the Evolution back-end with Exchange. For serious server admin work, that’s the functionality and docm in the Novell server editions; again, go to the Novell site.