LEAPing back to OpenSuse 13.2

When one day the familiar OpenSuse-homepage dissapeared and gave space to the Leap-thing, I did not like it.
Now, after a couple of updates, Leap behaves bad. Open GL does not work anymore (Radeon 34xx), windows on the desktop flicker, when moved; the control bar (self hiding) ist gone; and I cannot set the screen’s resolution anymore - which is a bad idea with a Samsung Syncmaster! The system reacts erratic and slow.
So I installed OpenSus 13.2 again, and everything works as expected.
Reminds me of MS’ policy with Windows-versions, especially Win10.

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Yes, there are (nearly) always issues when something quite different is released. It would be really great if we had the resources to pay very large numbers of technically proficient Linuxers to track down and fix every issue before the release date.

But we don’t.

Thank goodness for volunteers. Without them we would all be using (and paying for) windows.

Sorry for misplacing my complaint, and for the harsh tone. I was too frustrated after loosing money due to the issue.

What? Did you run a bet with someone that you could run the new LEAP system with an AMD GPU and utilize a high end monitor?

I found subsequent updates to Leap (with latest kernel) significantly improved its graphic behaviour with different hardware (Intel and nVidia). Without the updates (on the hardware that I own) the behaviour was a bit problematic.

I’m now installing LEAP on all our PCs at home. I no longer have a PC at home with Radeon hardware so I can’t comment on that with 1st hand experience. Given its promised long term support, for my home hardware I’m quite optimistic that I will be using LEAP-42.1 for a long time.

I could be wrong to include OP in this, but from my minor observations, most people that are complaining about OpenSUSE Leap are really complaining about Leap’s Plasma 5.

I switched desktop environments in Leap when i found i was not satisfied with the new version of Plasma. After using OpenSUSE Leap with a different desktop environment, i concluded that with the exception of Kde, Leap is the stablest version of OpenSUSE that i have used yet. (been using OpenSUSE since 11.4).

Running Leap 42.1 on HP Compaq AMD Athlon II 800mghz with 8GB RAM, Radeon graphics (KDE/Plasma5)with no trouble. This PC is between 6-7 years old as well. Well had high CPU and RAM usage at first, then disabled baloo and CPU went from 55-100% down to 2-20%, RAM fell from 2.4G down to 800M-1.3G. All in all I like it alot so far. Plasma 5 seems a bit lighter than KDE4, not scientific, just an observation.

13.2 was a solid release, but it seems that 42.1 is as well.

PS: Keep in mind I am a Slackware guy (ok Slackware and openSUSE guy) so this is high praise. :slight_smile:

I would concur with this. I came here to openSUSE Forums to find out why, after my last big update (hadn’t updated for quite some few months), my screen appeared to be unstable and would flicker when selecting or ending programs. It was quite disturbing. So I switched away from Plasma 5 to KDE Plasma Workspace, and my problems seem to be resolved. But that is only after a few minutes of testing. Switching back to Plasma 5, the problems re-appeared, Switching back again to KDE Plasma Workspace, the problems went away.

So thank you **@knightron **for this tip, and I’d recommend if others are having new and unexplainable screen flickering and other corruptions and are using Plasma 5, to switch away from Plasma 5 to KDE Plasma Workspace instead. It might solve your problems like it did mine.