Leap42.3 Install legacy by accident.. Windows 8.1 is removed from EFI boot option, no Leap avail

My Bios was set to legacy/EFI when I installed Leap for dual boot. After installation no EFI boots are available, neither Leap and windows EFI appear to be bootable, I tried a windows repair disk but it cannot find any windows any more and I can only boot into Leap from rescue disk, as that apear in the EFI boot options if I press F12 during boot on my Alienware I7

Was surprises that nothing warned me during installation as I set the EFI partition etc and mount it to /boot/efi etc, as I had to add the /boot/efi manualy.

How can I undo or fix this problem ?.


If you want EFI boot you need to boot the installer in EFI mode NOT legacy

DO NOT format the EFI boot partition just mount it since it holds the boot info for all installed OS when using EFI boot. Note this is default if you boot in EFI install and there is an existing EFI boot partition.

Also be sure that fast boot is off in Windows 8 and above or dual boot will not work

Thanks,I did not check if Windows 8 fast boot was off, and want to know how can I recover…not even opensuse is now available in the efi boot options, or do I have to start all over again installing all my windows and Linux again?

If you wiped the EFI boot partition probably easiest to just reinstall all Windows first since it has a tendency to not play well with other OS