leap154 zypper fails to propery resolve dependencies

In addition to not listing community repositories, zypper fails to properly resolve dependencies. I manually added packman and libdvdcss. changed the vendor for vlc codec and added libdvdcss2.
YaST or zypper fails to resolve the packages on other dependent multi-media libraries due the vendor change in VLC codec. As a result to all of this I can install Plex but the dependencies are not resolved properly to point to the correct multi-mdia libraries.
I attempted to re-install leap153 but it fails to install 32bit runtimes. I am now trying to restore leap153 from a rsync’d backup.

I see where others have reported similar and related issues. Is this ever going to be fixed or is there no turning back?


zypper up
zypper lr -d

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Because we can not see, what you are doing and getting…


That has now been resolved.

Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

**Leap-15-4:~ #** zypper if plexmediaserver  
Loading repository data... 
Reading installed packages... 

Information for package plexmediaserver: 
Repository     : PlexRepo 
Name           : plexmediaserver 
Version        : 
Arch           : x86_64 
Vendor         :  
Installed Size : 237.8 MiB 
Installed      : Yes 
Status         : up-to-date 
Source package : plexmediaserver- 
Summary        : Plex organizes all of your personal media so you can easily access and enjoy it. 
Description    :  
    Plex organizes all of your personal media so you can easily access and enjoy it. 

**Leap-15-4:~ #**

That bug is against leap153

You did read the bug? It was fixed for Leap 15.3 and 15.4.

Correct, it is filed against 15.3

I guess you didn’t bother to fully read it though. I refer you to comment #8 and #14 in that report.

We also await the information from yourself that was requested in post #2 of this thread.

I’m going to have to re-install it (leap154) in a different partition just to say I did. I suspect, but I do not know that when the dependencies are resolved, it’s not pulling in the right versions. I appears to install okay but when I try to play added media, I get some sort of codec error. I’ll advise when get I get to that point

Solved. Well kind of. No problem with the install codecs repo’s etc.The problem seems to be with the player. In this case, FireFox.
Everything works fine with FireFox on Leap153,MAC, ios and most importantly RoKu.

Thanks to all for the suggestions though.

No problem with FF here (104.0.2 on a Leap 15.4 system)

Firefox uses FFmpeg for playing multimedia inside HTML5 <audio> and <video> elements.

Ensure ffmpeg4 and it’s dependencies are installed - and they all originate from Packman.

Checked. It was installed. The SuSE version not the Packman flavor. Changed this to the Packman version.
All is good with FF now.
Thanks again.

It was installed. The SuSE version. Changed this to the Packman version.
All is well with FF now.
Thanks agan

Apparently you did not do the "Vendor switch to Packman. You should do that before reporting any multi-media problem. :wink:

I read your post above as that you installed just one package from Packman and that that resolved your present problem. My advice is to do the complete Vendor switch, before you run into another multi-media poblem.