Leap15 what didn't work

Occasionally,snapper saves me a lot of time, but just as often, I inadvertantlyshutdown while it’s balancing and can’t reboot again; eitherthat, or I’ve no clue why I’ve needed to reinstall Tumbleweedtwice in as many months. This last time, I didn’t actually haveTumbleweed ready on the USB but Leap instead, for a friend, so Idecided to give it a go. All these things worked on Tumbleweed butdidn’t on Leap:

  1. HDMI audio(configured via KDE settings)
  2. Skanlite (eventhough my scanners – both HP – are also connected as printers)
  3. lmsensor for myRadeon GPU (as reported by Thermal Monitor widget)
  4. Enlightenment’snetwork manager (though not a problem when it is secondary DE)

Other than that,it’s great. I can imagine many users would never install asecondary desktop, never worry about the temperature of their GPU,never try to connect their computer to surround sound, and never evenuse a scanner now that smartphones have hi-def cameras.

With a bootablecomputer, I made a bootable Tumbleweed USB drive, so I’m off toinstall it now and hopefully fix these issues before bedtime,unfortunately in a way that won’t reveal the root cause of any ofthem. That’s why I posted this in general chit-chat instead of requesting help in one of the technical subforums.