Leap upgrade to double login then invisible mouse pointer

Hello, I upgraded from 13.2 to Leap 42.1.

Original DE was kde 4. Now after upgrade, I need to login with kde4 first then kde5 once more. After that, I have an invisible mouse pointer, which can move to active things but I just can’t see it.

I don’t if it’s relevant, but when I was preparing repos before upgrading, I failed to add leap 42.1 repo except the leap update repo.

So I accidentally “dup upgrade” with two “13.2 repos (oss and non-oss)” and two “leap update repos(oss and non-oss)”. After upgrading, it was still 13.2, I noticed the problem so I corrected the repo and dup again. Now I am having this problem.

I forgot to mention the first wrong dup was done with the “ctrl+alt+f2” to init 3 then dup.

Second dup was done following another post which suggested to use tmux. So I tmux the dup under my normal runlevel 5.

I installed XFCE it seems everything works fine there. I am wondering if I could delete the kde folder to start fresh again there?

Also if I boot with the kernel 3.* version it works also fine there for kde.

The problem is solved by enabling bumblebee repo and a following update of bumblebee packages.