Leap/TW on Dell XPS 13 - 2370 (2018) ?

The previous Dell XPS 13 developer edition 2016 model was reviewed well with openSUSE/Tumbleweed according to this article

The new 2018 model 9370 is delievered with and supported on Ubuntu 16.0.4.
Is it possible to make (qualified) expectations about if current Leap/Tumbleweed will work well also in a dual boot setup with Ubuntu on this new 2018 model?

And I also I wonder how well desktop and applications gui/windows will work on and scale to “normal eye-readable sizes” on a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) touch display?

Terje J. H

I can tell my experience, just in case it helps you to have a general idea. I have a Dell XPS 15 from 2017. Leap 42.3 does not work very well. I had issues with the sound that forced me to use an updated kernel. Nouveau drivers have to be blacklisted in any case, as otherwise the system gets blocked when logging out. Overall, there were a number of subtle issues that were bearable but annoying. Eventually, I switched to Tumbleweed, and the experience is fairly better (note however that in order to boot the installer I had to disable nouveau adding nouveau.modeset=0 to the linux line in grub, as otherwise it gets frozen searching the hardware). I’m using Gnome 3.26 and the support for HDPI is pretty acceptable (better than in Ubuntu, for instance). But some caveats remain:

  • I had to disable Secure Boot to install Windows (otherwise the Windows installer does not “see” the disk)
  • Nouveau does not work and has to be blacklisted to get a stable system
  • I have a nvidia GTX 1050 in an optimum system. This is A PAIN. It does not work even installing the proprietary drivers. Only the Intel chipset is used, and I’m currently trying to figure out how to fix it, but it seems to be a hacker task nowadays.

Thank you for sharing your experience with XPS 15 (2017). Obviously openSUSE has not been directly ‘plug & play’ on this machine, or if Ubuntu or other Linux distributions work similar. What I know is that the XPS13 Sputnik team behind the XPS13 developer model decided to skip Kabylake Refresh (2017) and go for 9370 (2018), a platform they denoted as “complete new”.

My thought is to use Gnome/Tumbleweed or Leap 15 (which I’ve started to test currently on my old hp8710w), in dual boot with Ubuntu, optionally also a Win10. My hope is that TW/Leap15 can obtain a smooth installation and support on the XPS13 hardware, as a popular Linux reference laptop platform.