Leap stuck on login

I cannot start system because I have got this info:
“Hold until boot process finishes up”
And this info flashes on screen and nothing is going forward.

When I use snapshot I cannot boot too.

What should I do?

I did nothing unusual before.

Have you tried any of the workarounds from https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/startup/html/book.opensuse.startup/cha.trouble.html or https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/startup/html/book.opensuse.startup/cha.installation_troubleshooting.html or https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Nomodeset:Work_Around_Graphic_Upgrade&_Installation_Obstacles ?

What was the last thing you did before this trouble started?

At the initial Grub menu, scroll down and select the failsafe option. Does it boot and run OK this way?

A good next step to try may be to edit your boot configuration. Again at the initial Grub menu, strike the E key, delete the string “splash=silent” and in its place add “plymouth.enable=0”. Do not include quotes. You should see many messages as boot proceeds. Any that look like errors you should note here. Does it boot and run OK this way?

You should give us some information about your system, such as manufacturer model number and video card model. If you can reach a desktop an open a terminal, the command

inxi -Gxxba

would produce this information in a useful form. If you paste that output in here, please wrap it using the code icon ( ***** ]) above the input window.

I didnot remember what I was doing and what update information was in the morning.
I installed Vivaldi 2.5 by myself for sure and then I turned off PC.

Failsafe option didn’t work. I stuck on flashing information what I mentioned before.

Adding “plymouth.enable=0” didn’t work too.

First drive: Leap 15.0 and Windows together.
Second drive: Tumbleweed.
This is an old PC with Gigabyte EP45-DS3 Motherboard and Nvidia card GeForce 9600 GT.

I cannot reach a desktop to open a terminal.

I think I will install Opensuse 15 again without changing my home folder.

I really don’t know what is going on.
I will wait for Leap 15.1 and install a new system.

Now from my grub I can login to Windows and Tumbleweed and it works. I can’t only login to Leap 15 what I mentioned before.
On Tumbleweed I don’t use Nvidia drivers.

Was/is a proprietary NVidia driver installed on your 15.0? If so, because you had just done updates that morning, a solution may be to chroot into it from TW and remove it.

What do you mean chroot into and remove it.
What should I exactly to do when I am on TW?

chroot - Wikipedia describes chroot.
SDB:Repair MBR after Windows install - openSUSE Wiki includes an example of starting a chroot for a different purpose (grub repair).

What should I exactly to do when I am on TW?

1-start a chroot as if you were going to do a grub repair
2-remove the NVidia driver according to the instructions that accompanied the NVidia driver that you installed
3-reboot into 15.0 to see if the NVidia driver was your problem

If it doesn’t work, you were going to reinstall anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note too that I’ve never done a chroot into a system that uses BTRFS, nor do I know if that would matter. https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/533023-Boot-freezes-after-encrypted-volumes-target-after-zypper-up?p=2880018#post2880018 suggests it would, and how to alter the procedure accordingly.

Thanks for your suggestions.
I think that is a little too complicated for me.
TW works (I am now on it) and Windows works too.

I think I will install Leap 15.1 ( it is only 10 days to release) and update my Leap 15 or I will just install as a new system.

I upgraded my system to Opensuse 15.1 but with no luck. I have still this info “Hold until boot process finishes up” and I cannot login.
I can login only with nouveau driver.
I cannot login with Nvidia drivers.
I do not know what to do. I uninstalled nouveau drivers but it didn’t help.

Maybe it is time to change Opensuse system to another one which works with Nvidia drivers.
It is sad because I use Opensuse for over 10 years.

If you can boot live 15.0 or 15.1 media, you know Leap can work on your hardware, and that there is a definite problem with your installation, very very likely related to or caused by video drivers, if you’ve been using any type of proprietary ones. openSUSE QA doesn’t apply to non-FOSS software, and there might not yet be an available NVidia driver for 15.1, since only today was its release announced, and the kernel finalized for the NVidia developers to build from. It may be some days before NVidia users should even try to switch to 15.1.

Did you read through the second URL in my first reply here? If you have, you should be able to make either of the FOSS DDX drivers work. After that would come the time to try again with proprietary drivers, if they are actually needed. Here, they’ve never been needed.

I erased my entire disk.
I installed Opensuse 15.1 without Mesa 3d driver and I could login.
Then I installed Nvidia driver for G03-340.107 and I cannot login.
I think that now Opensuse will not work for old computers and for old graphics. There is no 3d acceleration for Nvidia for me now.

I am really disappointed. Opensuse suits me the most and I even do know which distro could replace it.

I have noticed that Yast have Tumbleweed description.

NVIDIA driver requires the MESA stack though it does do some replacement of some mesa packages with it’s own versions

after upgrade did you reinstall the newer version of NVIDIA depending on how you upgrade NVIDIA does not automatically get a newer version