Leap Question

Hi there! I’m new with opensuse and im loving it! It has all the software i need, updated kernel out of the box, easy to install nvidia drivers, a good integration with Gnome desktop and is stable!
I have just one question, using “Leap” will I need to reinstall the OS once a new version is realeased?

We don’t have any experience with new releases of Leap. But I would expect that you will be able to update in place. And you can probably do this with the install DVD for the new version, and you can probably do it on line, maybe with a few changes to your repos. Either way, you should probably unistall Nvidia drivers before an upgrade, then reinstall later.

Not actually, there is a “Distribution upgrade” mechanism (see “zypper dup” in the man docs) that upgrades from one release (say Leap 42.1) to the next (say 42.2) if what we saw with openSUSE will be maintained with Leap.
It is more or less a regular update, only more “massive”, but you need it once a year or so with Leap.
On the other hand, you need it about every other week with Tumbleweed, which is a pure rolling release.

I guess “zypper dup” is the same as “apt-get dist-upgrade” or “upgrade”.
Thanks, i have only a couple of issues left with opensuse and I’ll figure them out in time. :slight_smile: