Leap on HP DV6Z

Hey guys,

I have been always been a person who loved Opensuse, I used it on my laptop until version 13.2, when I tried Leap 42.1 and I lost sound, video looks awful (keeps blinking), software on KDE keeps crashing and GNOME won’t even load, all I get is a white screen saying it couldn’t run, I got so frustrated that I had to move to Ubuntu 15.10, which runs just fine on my machine.

What is happening to Opensuse?

A likely problem is troublesome support for ATI Radeon graphics and/or AMD APUs by the stock kernel or OSS drivers in Leap.
If you describe in detail what CPU/APU and graphics chip are inside your DV6Z, somebody here might be able to help.

Gnome Leap is rock-solid on the all-Intel and Nvidia / Optimus laptops I tested.
KDE has still some kinks to be straighten out but is improving fast.