Leap not displaying colors


Leap seems to have some color problem, and I can’t solve them changing theme.

I already noticed the standard (default) kde color scheme have some minor contrast problems not worth a discussion.

But I have now problems with one application.

This application is not an open source one, so I waited to ask here, but there is no problem in Debian Jessie, nor in openSUSE 13.2… and the application programmer do not have neither with his Ubuntu.

See the three screen copies here:


taken from the same VirtualBox host (Leap) in three guesses (Leap, Windows 7 and Jessie - the file name is clear).

The problem is in the bottom. Jessie and Windows perfectly shows colors and so buttons, when Leap do not show buttons background colors, so making the button nearly invisible.

The application is VueScan from https://www.hamrick.com/, a very largely used scan program and Hamrick is very linux friendly (but not openSUSE user :-()

any idea?