Leap + kde taskbar disappearing

The taskbar on my desktop disappears after a failed USB printer install, making the computer useless.

Running the computer over night and rebooting a few times, the problem fixes itself.

What is going on?

Thank you.

I can do alt f2 and run the application finder.

What is the desktop application name, plasma?

What is kioskmode, how do I turn it off?

this could be a plasma shell crash, in future try ‘kquitapp5 plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell & disown’ in krunner or konsole

I tapped out.

I did an alt-F2 to get an application finder, started a konsole, ran an rsync script to do a backup to a separate disk, and finished with a fresh install.

It is possible that I deleted the plasma taskbar, while trying to shut down an unresponsive driver database build.

Deleting the plasma taskbar should require answering, “Are you really really sure you want to delete the plasma taskbar, doing so will make life very difficult for you?”