Leap installer - is there anything that actually works in openSUSE?

I wanted to move from Arch and I chose openSUSE Leap because it’s a non-deb distro. 15.1 & 15.2 started at 640x480 (at a 1080p monitor), making the buttons of the installer unreachable and therefore the installer unusable. 15.3 - after “hardware detection” I got these errors and the installation was aborted. Is there anything that actually works in openSUSE or is it just a shiny name?




I have not run into that.

It appears to be about the repo that is on the install media. Did you verify the checksum of the downloaded iso? Is there possibly a problem with your DVD burner? Or maybe you used a USB (you did not indicate what you did). We have seen occasional problem with a defective USB flash drive, although that seems rare.

Yes. The install media must have a problem. I’ve installed Tumbleweed 3 times in the last month on different computers using the Net Install method. I start the install, go away for a little while and come back to a working desktop. So, there’s nothing to tell. On one of those installs, I was replacing a failing hd. Hardware problems may be part of the failure.

640x480 is an occasional consequence of multiple GPUs, especially in laptops, or of a GPU that’s newer than the distro. Are you using an Optimus laptop or multiple GPUs? If so, appending nomodeset to the installer command line may produce an acceptable installation environment.

Repo errors like yours sometimes happen because of a mirror that is out of sync. Usually those will resolve by trying again after the mirrors fix themselves, sometimes in just minutes, other times hours or next day.