Leap Installation menu missing options

Hello. I have downloaded the LEAP 42.1 .iso, confirmed its checksum. However, the installation menu does not match the installation menu of the official screenshot, here: https://en.opensuse.org/File:Leap_bootmenu.png

My installation menu presents only “installation”, “upgrade”, “rescue system”, and “check installation media”. It does not have the “boot from hard disk”, “memory test”, “boot options”, or the “F1-F6” options.

Can anyone say why there is this discrepancy? I need to check memory because the installed 42.1 freezes constantly.

Many thanks

That’s correct if you boot in EFI mode.

Thanks for the reply.

Got it - went into bios and booted from non-EFI mode. Works. Can now check my memory to see if it is the cause of my system freezes in 41.2.

Thank you for the hint.

Lots of people are having freezing problems in Leap probably a combination of the new stuff in the video stack and drivers. There were lots of changes in leap so it is to be expected that something don’t work as expected in all possible hardware configurations.

Thanks for the reply. I figured it might be a hardware problem. I’ve checked my memory - passed, no errors. However, I can’t install a new video driver because it continues to freeze whenever I enter Yast. I’ll figure out another way.

I believe I have corrected the freezing issue. Here is how I did it:

(1) did a memory check using the installation disk booted in non-EFI mode; (no errors, so memory not a problem)
(2) booted into Gnome and installed the nVidia drivers.

To do (2), I added “nVidia” to repository (in community packages) and then went to Software management where I clicked on “extras” at the top and then selected “install all matching recommended packages” and clicked ‘okay’ when presented with selection.

(3) rebooted back into KDE.

Seems now to work. (fingers crossed)

Thanks, all, for the help.