Leap froze after watching multiple videos in one session on facebook

On my older HP desktop - Compaq(DC7700 CMT) with 8GB of swap.

I was in Facebook watch in a chromium(slimjet) browser with nothing else in the running that I had started.

I watched maybe 15 or so of the videos, and the system started acting weirdly, the mouse moved erratically for a bit, and then stopped doing anything.

And then the system completely froze.

I could not exit the browser, nor could I get to the shutdown on the taskbar. I finally pushed the power button(hate having to do that).

Could this have been the X display system running out of its limit?


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Because watching a video is demanding and immediate, swap is not a relevant parameter for this kind of task… It’s too slow.
Real, physical RAM and the capability of your GPU (and your CPU in some cases) are the only hardware resources you should monitor, if any of those max out, then your machine has simply reached its limit.

Software-wise, the rendering engine (eg browser), and your graphics rendering engine are relevant.
Sometimes you have the ability to enable or disable “hardware assist” to support greater or more efficient hardware resources, but that can be YMMV.

Usually, there is little you can do once you’ve reached the limits of your hardware, all you can do is turn off anything you’re not using.


Your E6300/Q965 has to play videos without any kind of hardware dedication, IOW, entirely with software. Depending on how you loaded what you watched, your Chromium may easily have exhausted RAM. Playing one at a time using only one tab in one window should not produce what you experienced. Other sequences of events might well have done the opposite, but probably not without the help of a software bug.

Perhaps this scenario is related - hard to know.

After the latest update to SuSE LEAP 15, my system seems to have a similar issue but the result is very bad. While sitting in Chrome watching videos on Facebook, the system doesn’t display any symptoms. It seems to be working just fine. The screen goes black and the system is completely quiet - it has shutdown as though the plug was pulled. My usage model hasn’t changed - I’ve been doing this type of thing for a long time. The behavior is new.

I’m using the following:
AMD FX-8150
32GB Memory
Kernel 4.12.14-lp150.12.28-default
Video: NVIDIA GTX-750Ti

Another oddity about this system - started a couple of months ago - the USB mouse/keyboard simply stop working. There is definitely a series of messages about Nouveau and USB channels. Seen this posted a number of times but no help.

The hardware above is in another system sitting next to the Linux machine running Windows-10 and no similar issue have been observed.

Last night this happened again and the root partition /dev/sda1 which was BTRFS didn’t survive. I ended up reinstalling the system using an install CD. I have a shell script that zyppers in all of the extra stuff I need for the development work I do.

Methinks unstable power supply very likely.

Or fans not working or airways plugged If thing get hot enough they shut down