leap 42 updates no longer function

I installed Leap 42.2 a few weeks ago. I used to get a few updates each day (maximum of 5). Then a few days back, more than 200 appear. But when I click Update, it churns away for a moment then displays an error

Problem connecting to a software origin.
There was a (possibly temporary) problem connecting to a software origin.
Please check the detailed error for further details.

Now there is no fault with my internet connection.
How can I see the “detailed error”

Hi, welcome to the forums

Check YaST - Software - Software repositories. You’ll probably see one repo with a URL beginning with “hd:/” or “cd:/”. Remove that one, and use the button on the bottom right to refresh all repos. If you don’t see any error messages, it’s fixed, otherwise open a terminal window and do

zypper lr -d

and copy and paste the output here, between CODE tags, the # in the layout editor.