Leap 42.3 latest kernel 4.4.90-28.1 hangs

After installing the latest software updates for Leap 42.3 the system hanged on reboot with repeated, same messages about a usb port not responding. The kernel installed was 4.4.90-28.1. The kernel also caused the system to hang when I tried to login after logging out. When I rebooted with the previous kernal 4.4.87, everything worked properly. This is just a heads up to anyone else having problems with the 4.4.90 kernel. Needless to say I deleted the 4.4.90 kernel, booting from the 4.4.87 kernel, and hopefully the next kernel will fix the 4.4.90 problems.

Did you report this problem so it can be analyzed and fixed?

The problem was fixed for me with the latest kernel, which is 4.4.92.