LEAP 42.3 HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 HPLIP

Hi , I just installed a HP printer for someone, and after install ran smooth and the install said to disconnect the USB connection and run “hp-setup”

it would not setup.

They were connecting on wifi that was a “Guest Account” on their router. Try connecting on a non Guest wifi SSID

edit… In CUPS the user was root and then your passwrd.

Outside CUPS it went back to normal User / Password

Hi mikeathome,

Thanks so much for your suggestion!

At the CUPS website, I pressed on the “Add printer” but this time logged in as root. It somehow detected the printer!

I guess before I proceed further…whether I should log in as root? I am a newbie, and learned that generally, I should not log in as root…(so I created an account and use that account previously…)

Again, thanks so much!

You should never ever log into a GUI as root you can do serious damage by accident.

Your problem seem to be a improper permission on some of the HP files.