Leap 42.3: How do I start the network service at boot time after another service starts?

I am running Leap 42.3 and a custom firewall script.

Due to changing my ISP and having to change my network/firewall configuration, I have a script that I need to run at boot time that will set default firewall policies to DROP. I can get this to run when I want it to by setting the default start line in that script to $local_fs and $dummy.

After that script runs, I want to start the network service. Is it possible to do this in Leap 42.3? I have looked at the service manager in YaST, and I do not see where it would be possible using the service manager to do what I want to do.

My firewall now starts correctly after network starts.

Quite some time ago, there used to be a script in /etc/init.d that started the network, and all that was required was to put the name of the service in the “required start” line of the network file, and network would wait until that script ran before starting. I note that the network script no longer appears in /etc/init.d so it seems that it is no longer as straight-forward as it used to be to make starting the network service dependent on another service starting.


I answered my own question. I had a look at the docs and I see how this is possible using an extension in the current services context. Next time, I’ll read the docs first. :shame:

Hah. Yes, as in "if all else fails …"rotfl!

Glad you solved it.