Leap 42.2 is showing that I have 2535 updates to install?????

Why would Leap 42.2, which hasn’t been supported since 03/18 showing me 2535 updates totaling 1.8 Gb’s? The last time that this many updates showed was with Leap 15.0 and after I installed them I no longer had Leap 15.0, I had Tumbleweed. Can anyone shed some light on these updates? I haven’t installed the updates for Leap 42.2 since it is the version that I use most often and I don’t want mess it up.

Maybe you “accidentally” added a Tumbleweed repo?

What’s the output from

zypper lr -d

Hi, welcome,

No doubt you enabled some repo for some other openSUSE version. Most likely by using a one-click install for the wrong version. Please show

zypper lr -d

between CODE tags, the # in the editor.