Leap 42.2 grub rescue?

machine boots to grub rescue? says pc not found what to do?

/boot/grub2/i386-pc not found

entering rescue mode

That is a needed directory if not found it could indicate a corrupted file system or failing disk. From a rescue DVD/USB run fsck against the root partition on the drive. Also run smartctl against that disk.

Thank you.

2 different dvd install discs with leap 42.2 would not load at all just stalled. These are the discs I used for the original install. I have no idea why.

ANTERGOS dvd recognized immediately so I installed it.

I used Leap for quite awhile with no problems. I do not know what happened. Originally I wanted tumbleweed but could not get it to load after

many tries. So I installed leap 42.2

I have to say of all the distros I have used Antergos installation was a breeze, I cannot say that for Suse. Then installing various apps

from their software is very fast.

I like suse and yast , but it was necessary to try another install dvd, and for some reason it worked.

Thanks again. Will wait for the next suse release.