Leap 42.2 - first imperssions after the upgrade from Leap 42.1

This Post has been running now for 19 days (with a spelling mistake made by me – world, please consider accepting my humble apologies).

Shall we consider closing it?

It is after all, only “first impressions”. >:)

Here’s my first impression - I usually do an online upgrade but this time I upgraded one notebook from DVD. When it got to the point of “downloading” and installing packages themselves it started spamming me with “cannot reach - retry, skip, abort” messages. It reported “http://…” as repository source and I don’t know if it really meant it but there was no characteristic sound of DVD being read at the time. I must have clicked a hundred of those boxes away instead of letting the timer expire and retry automatically. I couldn’t babysit the upgrade all the time and so in total it took somewhere between nine and fifteen hours.

I will not use DVD to upgrade my desktop, it turned out to be a much worse method than I expected. Perhaps my DVD reader didn’t read fast enough to respond to queries but I’m not going to risk it happening again. With zypper’s “download in advance” option I can continue using the desktop as it fetches its gigabytes of data and installing the upgrades will be finished in minutes rather than hours.

Upgraded notebook finally respects “do nothing” setting on closing the lid, so I got that going for me, which is nice.