Leap 42.1 upgrade won't MOUNT LVM /HOME

I took a Leap of faith and performed an in place upgrade from OpenSuse 13.2. The system boots into emergency mode. Going through the logs I get the following:

Unit home.mount has failed.

Timed out waiting for device dev-system-home.device

Dependency failed for /home

Dependency failed for local file systems Check on /dev/system/home.

Unit systemd-fsck@dev-system-home.service has failed.

The system was Opensuse 13.2 with the latest updates as of 11/11. I use LVM and have Root in BTRFS and /home in XFS. Firing up Yast I see all my partitions are still there except I don’t see /HOME. Both Physical Hard drives are present and the LVM volumes are there What do I need to check next?

In emergency mode, are you able to see the home partition as device is “/dev/mapper”?

I’ll note that I saw a similar problem with Milestone 1, but not with the final release of 42.1. I suppose that means that you have found a different problem.

It seems the second LVM partion on the second 1TB drive is not visible. I see the sdb device but the LVM partition is missing. There are no drive errors during system boot. During the Linux system load I do see the following error numerous times “A start Job is Running for dev-system-home.devices 0/1m30s” It runs for about a minute and a half until it drops you into emergency mode.